MedQuest is a PCCA member, which strengthens the role and skills of compounding pharmacists to meet unique needs of patients through quality service, education, and processes. 


The U.S. Pharmacopeia sets strict guidelines for sterile and non-sterile preparations. We surpass these guidelines in our commitment to quality and patient safety. 


As of May 2013, 175 of some 7,500 compounding pharmacies in the U.S. have achieved PCAB accreditation. This puts MedQuest in the top 2.3% of compounding pharmacies in our commitment to quality and safety. 


DynaLabs recognizes MedQuest as a Continuous Quality Improvement Partner. Only 15 compounding pharmacies in the U.S. have this recognition and PCAB accreditation, placing us in the top 0.2% in terms of quality. 



Why Is It Important to Choose a Pharmacy with PCCA Membership?


PCCA is an international organization that provides high-quality products, education and support to help pharmacists and prescribers create personalized medicine.

Extensive Expertise
PCCA conducts more than 115 training and education events each year and provides a wealth of resources and support to help compounding pharmacists strengthen their skills and influence to meet patients’ unique healthcare needs. They have more than 30 pharmacists and pharmaceutical chemists, and their Pharmacy Consulting Department answers more than 600 calls each day about preparing medications.

Reliable Products
PCCA offers member pharmacies the most extensive product line in the industry. Their more than 7,000 products and 14,000 SKUs include proprietary bases, flavors, and more than 4,560 chemicals that exceed industry standards for quality and purity. PCCA members have access to a database of more than 8,000 active proprietary formulas that have been pretested using PCCA chemicals and are continuously reviewed and updated.

Highest Quality
From the moment a chemical arrives at PCCA to the time it ships to a member pharmacy, it is monitored by PCCA Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel. Fourteen checks and analyses are performed on each chemical lot as it comes in and as it is repacked. If the product is compromised in any way, it fails the inspection and is immediately rejected. PCCA will not compromise on quality, because patients’ lives depend on it.