Our Story


When our founder Jacque Butler took the risk starting her own compounding pharmacy, she never could have imagined how influential it would become. After her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she began extensive research and discovered that hormone replacement therapy could help people alleviate symptoms of diseases related to aging, or even avoid those diseases altogether. Although it was too late to reverse her father’s disease, Jacque knew that she could avoid developing Parkinson’s herself.

Jacque searched for doctors offering hormone replacement programs, and it turned out to be a difficult search. When she finally found one, the program and medication cost her thousands of dollars each month. Throughout the program, several mistakes were made at her expense, and despite her complaints and requests for assistance, nothing improved. She finally decided she had enough, and with the help of pharmacists Sandra Shepherd and Salvador De La Cruz, Jacque Butler founded MedQuest Pharmacy.

Jacque knew that people could age better and live better with hormone therapy, and she wanted to ensure that no one would have as difficult a time as she did finding affordable hormones with good service. With Sandra and Salvador’s expertise on quality compounding processes and Jacque’s insistence to do everything with the patient in mind, MedQuest Pharmacy became the trusted compounding pharmacy of patients and prescribers across the nation.

Today, we uphold Jacque’s initiatives. Maintaining a specialty in bioidentical hormones, we know how important compounded prescriptions are to the health of people like Jacque and her father. We understand the struggles that patients face when starting hormones. Our experts are here to take care of patients every step of the way. We continue improving our customer service and quality procedures, because the better we are, the better our patients will feel, and that’s the focus of everything we do.

I require a compounding pharmacy that provides the highest quality of compounded hormones, is efficient, reliable and responsive. I have been using MedQuest for over eleven years because MedQuest satisfies all of my criteria.
— Gary London, MD, West Hollywood, CA
Fast, convenient and friendly service combined with knowledge and professionalism. It doesn’t get any better than that!
— MedQuest Patient, Destin, FL