EPCS & eMedPlus

  • MedQuest Pharmacy’s proprietary prescription management system, eMedPlus, has been audited by the DEA and meets the necessary requirements for EPCS

  • You can view a copy of our certificate here

  • Through eMedPlus, MedQuest provides an easy to follow online registration

  • Not using eMedPlus yet? Click here to get started

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Quickly E-Sign Prescriptions

  • EPCS is a secure, convenient way to approve prescriptions

  • Approve each prescription with just a few simple steps

  • Easily view each written prescription online via eMedPlus

Two-Factor Authentication

  • MedQuest is 100% compliant with the DEA

  • Easily authenticate via Duo Mobile

  • Register your own device, no need to carry USB security tokens

  • Review and e-sign each controlled prescription in seconds


+ What is EPCS?

EPCS – Electronic Prescription for Controlled Substances: The DEA has amended its regulations to allow practitioners to be able to send their prescriptions for controlled substances electronically for all Schedule II through V, in lieu of signing and faxing or calling in verbal authorizations. This would allow a pharmacist to accept, annotate, dispense and electronically archive such prescriptions.

+ What does a prescriber need to do before they can ePrescribe controlled substances?

  1. The prescriber MUST use an EPCS certified EHR application.
  2. The prescriber MUST complete an Identity Proofing Process.
  3. The prescriber MUST use a Two-Factor Authentication procedure to login into his/her EHR.

+ What are the advantages of EPCS?

EPCS eliminates the prescribers need to sign and fax in a controlled prescription or give a verbal authorization over the phone. In addition, it reduces paperwork and the number of prescription errors that illegible handwriting, missing faxes, and misinterpreted verbal authorizations cause. Lastly, patients will be able to fill and receive their prescriptions quicker and more efficiently.

+ Is eMedPlus EPCS certified?

eMedPlus is EPCS certified. You can download a copy of our certificate here.

+ What is the cost of EPCS?

For all new prescribers that sign up now, they will incur a small cost of $1.00 annually (One Dollar). This fee is an early introductory fee that may change down the road. Sign up now!

+ Questions or help?

If you have any questions, concerns or need help during the process, please call 888-222-2956 to speak with an EPCS specialist or email us at epcs@mqrx.com