Freshness seal

February 25, 2014

At MedQuest Pharmacy every effort is made to insure the safety and quality of our compounded products. Every bottle of capsules that comes out of our compounding lab has a “freshness” seal on it. This freshness seal is there to help keep any powder residue left from the compounding process in the bottle. In order to perform quality assurance on the product, occasionally it is necessary to disturb the freshness seal. Most prescription vials or containers do not come with a tamper evident seal.
Prior to leaving our facility each order is placed in a in a tamper evident plastic bag which is sealed. As long as the plastic bag is intact, and the items inside the bag have maintained their integrity then the “chain of custody” remains uncompromised. The inner bag is then placed in an outer shipping container to provide structure and to maintain the integrity of the inner bag. Everything we do at MedQuest Pharmacy is so that you can have peace of mind knowing that each of the items you ordered for your patients are safely packed with care in our pharmacy.

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