Frequently Asked Questions & Instructional Videos

What are my shipping options?

You have several options for shipping. With USPS, there is a flat rate of $8.50 for all orders. FedEx Ground or FedEx Express shipping rates will vary based on the weight and destination of the package. If your order is more than $100 and shipped to an address in Utah, your shipping is free.

What should I do with unused medications?

You can find disposal information here. Proper disposal of medications is an important step to prevent accidental or intentional use of expired or unneeded prescriptions.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most of our handmade compounded prescriptions are ready to ship within 24 hours. If your need is urgent, you have the option of expedited shipping through FedEx.

Will my order require a signature?

Your order will require an adult signature only if you are receiving a controlled substance. Controlled substances include but are not limited to Testosterone, Codeine, Phentermine, and in certain states, HCG and HGH. For more information on controlled substances, call us at 888-222-2956.

What makes your supplements better than store bought ones?

We offer NUTRAscriptives supplements, which are carefully formulated by pharmacists and physicians according to the latest scientific studies to maximize benefits. NUTRAscriptives are the supplements we trust most in terms of quality, and our patients can feel the difference when compared to store-bought supplements.

How do I use my injection medication?
Download this instructional PDF. If you still have questions, call us at 888-222-2956. We’re happy to help.
How do I use my delivery device? (Topi-Click, Acupen, Topi-Pump, etc.)
Download this instructional PDF. If you still have questions, call us at 888-222-2956. We’re happy to help.
Will I receive instructions with my medications?

Yes, instructions are included with your medications. If you have any questions about the instructions, a MedQuest Pharmacist will be happy to help you. Call us at 888-222-2956.

How can I get my insurance to reimburse me for the cost of my medications?

You will need your invoice and a universal claim form that we can mail to you. The form has information your insurance company might need in order to process the claim for reimbursement. Sign the form and send it with your invoice to your insurance company’s claims department. If your insurance company approves the claim, they will mail you a check. If they require us as the pharmacy to complete additional forms, we can do that as well.

What are your hours of operation? What are your holiday hours of operation?

We are open from 8:00am–5:00pm MST, Monday–Friday. Although our pharmacy does not operate on the weekends, customer service is available Saturdays from 8:00am–12:00pm MST to answer your questions. We are closed on some holidays, and you can check our holiday schedule here.

Can I find a doctor in my area that uses your pharmacy?

You can search our prescriber directory to discover healthcare providers in your area. Search the directory here.